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On this page you can find Swanntech team members and read about the team.
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Meet The Team


 Steve Weiss

Dr. Steve Weiss, Chief Risk Officer has over 20 years of market experience as a Senior Compliance, Risk and AML professional with significant knowledge within a broad range of authorized and regulated private sector businesses. Steve plays a vital role here at Swanntech, he is accountable for the risk management operations of the company. Steve integrates risk concepts into strategic planning and risk identification and mitigation activities. Dr. Weiss has a PhD in risk management obtained from the University of Southampton.





Michael Conrad

Michael, senior Compliance Officer ensures that operations and business transactions follow all relevant legal and internal rules. Michael has a sharp eye for audit processes, practices and documents to identify any weaknesses. When it comes to educating and training employees on regulations and industry practices, Michael has a very strict and strong foundation in place. Michael is very familiar with risk management and the industries standards. Mr. Conrad has studied LLB Law and History at Suffolk University.






 Gideon Banks

Gideon Banks, portfolio manager at Swanntech London. Gideon is primarily responsible for portfolio construction, manager allocation and the interpretation and implementation of the team’s asset allocation views in their multi-asset portfolios. Gideon manages a global suite of multi-asset income funds as well as traditional balanced strategies. Gideon works closely with his clients to create bespoke, structured portfolios for clients to achieve their ultimate goal in financial planning. Mr. Banks has received a BSc in Business Analytics from Aston University, Birmingham, as well as receiving a Masters in Economics from London School of Economics.




 Richard White

Richard White, Senior Data Analyst, is responsible for sustaining the value of Swanntech’s general ledger structure, capital asset systems and outline of accounts. Richard is well known for his professional guidance, analysis for specified units, oversight, reporting account operations, as well as support for other personnel by accounting as a backup and giving general operational assistance. Mr. White has established himself for having one the best track records for managing institutional funds whilst still providing a service to retail investors. Richard has earned himself a BSc and an MSc in Economics from London School of Economics and has been in the financial field for over 20 years.





David Tomlinson

Dr. David Tomlinson joined Swanntech in 2016 as a senior portfolio manager. He is an experienced financial consultant with specific expertise in developing financial governance structures. After achieving a doctorate in behavioral finance from the prestigious Monarch Business School based in Switzerland, David has overseen over 70 acquisitions and mergers both within the public and private sector.





 David Jones

David was appointed Head of Private Client Divison in August 2013. In this role, he works closely with our priority client relationships and focuses on developing key growth initiatives through collaboration across business lines. He has been a Group General Manager since January 2012.
David began his career with Swanntech in 2006 as Global Head of Leveraged and Acquisition Finance. He then became Head of Global Capital Financing and in April 2008, took on the role of Global Head of Principal Investments.




Charlotte Bail

Charlotte Bail, joined Swanntech as Practice Manager in 2014 and has over 20 years of experience in Financial and Customer services. Charlotte provides administration support to the team and manages the back office systems. Charlotte is also responsible for the support and aftercare of clients. Charlotte deals with our client relationship management systems and day to day administration of the practice. Charlotte has obtained a BSc Business and Human Resource Management at the University of Abertay.





Jason Williams

Jason Williams joined Swanntech as a Senior Portfolio Manager in 2015. He is responsible for our client relations management system. Jason brings a wide range of international banking, management, and foreign exchange experience, initially gained during 15 years of commercial foreign exchange trading, also five years in off-shore private banking and senior roles in corporate credit risk. Jason has achieved a BA First Class Honors Economics Degree from The University of Westminster. His proven track record and attention to detail makes him a vital member of the Swanntech team.

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